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Develop your hospitality career at BEIGE Village

BEIGE Village

Independent and Ghanaian-owned, BEIGE Village offers you several opportunities to develop your Hospitality Career. We are an equal opportunities employer with high attention to individual staff development.

Our job-rotation program for Mid-level and Junior Staff ensures that our Team Members get to learn about the various departments of the hotel.

We have shown, through our in-house and on-the-job training, a commitment to raise the standard of workplace learning and encourage continuous performance improvement.

We are committed to exceeding our guests' expectations and, to do that, we need exceptional people.

Clear People, Guest and Business Values underpin our business which supports our belief that People-driving Guest satisfaction will equal business success.

Our Values

 - Respect
 - Integrity
 - Service with delight

If you feel this is where you would like to be, then check our current list of opportunities below and get in touch today.

Alternatively, you can send your CV to info@beigevillage.com or reservations@beigevillage.com

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